My canine office mate

More people in the U.S. are working from home now than are working in the workplace, and many now share home offices with their canine companions. What’s more, many are finding their lives enriched with the addition of a new pet, as people started adopting dogs at massive rates during the pandemic.  We know that pets provide benefits to our physical health (exercise), mental health (distraction), and even emotional health (companionship). 

We wanted to explore what makes our canine office mates happy aside from treats and long walks. We surveyed dog owners who also work from home and found that their canine companions find joy in several things, including having their humans’ full attention during the day; providing a sense of security for those with anxiety about going to work; helping soothe depression and loneliness; welcoming visitors to the home office. We all know what it feels like when our best friend comes over, or we come back from a long day at work to be greeted by an eager pup. It’s the most devoted love you will ever find. 

Here are a few things you can do to return the love:

• Go for a walk

• Throw a tennis ball

• Tug of war

• Teach your pup a new trick

• Play find the treat

• Practice the heel command

• Provide unlimited snuggles


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